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Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary

One of the most helpful resources on the world wide web is the e-mail discussion group Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary.  All who are using the Revised Common Lectionary will benefit from this group of thoughtful, insightful, and imaginative preachers.  Over 1000 folks regularly receive email from their counter-parts as they ponder the RCL readings for the week and develop themes and craft sermons.  Not only will you benefit from the discussion, but many share the actual finished product so you see how someone else handled the scripture readings in their situation.  

One of the pleasant benefits from a world wide web is the presence of Christian folk from all over.  The PCRL discussion group has members from all continents.  Of particular interest is to note how Christians following the same church calendar are affected by the seasonal differences from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres!  

You can sign up to receive these emails on a daily basis (recommended), or on a weekly digest basis.  It is totally free.  And, you will receive so many nuggets each week, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.  And, you can put in your two cents worth as well.  Sign up today by clicking here.

The Text This Week

Jenee Woodward works hard to provide a virtual study desk for students, teachers and preachers.  You will find direct links to a wide variety of contemporary and historical resources for study & liturgy for each lectionary week and pericope.  Through a Scripture Index you can locate links to study resources relating to specific passages.
Artwork indexed by Biblical theme can be found in the Art Concordance.
And check out the Movie Concordance for lists of movies indexed by spiritual theme.

A most thorough resource guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.  Your congregation benefits from Jenee's work.  Check it out.

Kir-Shalom's Original Preaching & Liturgical Resource

Arguably the most complete listing of available on-line preaching resources in the internet.  Richard and Charlene Fairchild provide links to "the world's best  lectionary, preaching, and liturgical resources."  Richard is a United Church of Canada ordained minister serving the St. Andrew's Pastoral Charge full time in Golden, British Columbia. This is place to check out what is available to those following the Revised Common Lectionary as well as other resources relating to topic and holidays.  Place this one in your Bookmarks or Favorites folder and you will use it often.  
Check it out now.  

RUMORS Newsletter!

RALPH MILTON, author, speaker, and lay theologian, "but I consider myself primarily a storyteller," sends out this weekly free email newsletter with pertinent quips and notes concerning an event or events of the week and comments on the Revised Common Lectionary readings for the following Sunday.  Subscribe here for free.

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