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On Line Worship Help:

There are so many resources on line that are dedicated to providing the kind of help you can use. 
Check out some of these:

Choosing Hymns On Line:

Picking just the right hymn, or song, can speak more clearly than just words when crafting a worship service around a specific scriptural passage, reference and/or theme.   Here are some real handy tools.  (Thanks to the folks who actually do the research and compile these lists.  Their work makes ours so much easier.)

The Hymn Site
Hymn suggestions for each reading for the Revised Common Lectionary for each Sunday. Lovingly and persistently done by CARadke, this site is easy to use and presents a wide variety of hymns such as found in the Methodist Hymnal (USA, 1989).  Includes midi-files of many tunes including the entire Psalter.
For Revised Common Lectionary Suggestions:

For tools to search the website and/or the entire web for any tune, hymn, or reference:

The Cyber Hymnal
This site has over 2,900 Christian hymns and Gospel songs from many denominations. Youíll find lyrics, scores, MIDI files, pictures, history, and more.
This most amazing site lets you download scores of many hymn tunes -- including the most esoteric.  You can listen to many, if not most, of the tunes through your computer speakers to make sure it fits your congregation.  The website editor says: "This is just a private Web site, doing our best to advance Godís
kingdom, using the resources He gives us." The editor includes photographs or drawings of many authors pf hymn texts and tunes.   Check it out. It is easy to use and easy to explore:

The Oremus Hymnal
This online hymnal contains texts and MIDI files of tunes used in much of the English-speaking world, with
particular emphasis on the Anglican tradition. Currently, twenty-two Anglican hymnals have been indexed. Eventually there will be over 5000 pages on this site; currently the number is about 2400.
This site provides full search indexes for tunes, and texts, geared to Scriptural references and the Revised Common Lectionary. 
AND, as a bonus, contains texts by contemporary pastors Marnie Barrell and Robert Higgenson.  (Excellent new texts for common, familiar tunes.)



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