World Communion Sunday

Call to Worship
On this day, we are not a single congregation,
but part of all believers everywhere, every place.
On this day, we share not just a sacrament,
but a feast from every time, every place of faith.
On this day, God’s people gather in house churches and cathedrals,
and on sandy beaches and under towering trees.  

From a liturgy fo World Communion Sunday by Thom Schuman.

From The Great Prayer of Thanksgiving:

When there was nothing but your imagination,
God of Wonder, you thought,
and the Spirit began to twinkle chaos
   with stars, moons, and planets.
You spoke, and the Word began to call to life
   centipedes to march across the ground,
   sparrows to dart across skies,
   and little kittens to lap milk.
You laughed, and shaped us in your image,
to offer all these things and more to us.
Thom posts liturgies for tyou to use every Sunday at his webpage.  Check it out.


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